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Course Category: Virtual Learning

Personal Power - A Virtual Learning Programme

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Who Would Benefit

Anyone that is seeking to improve the way they communicate with other people with the specific aim of getting their message across and being able to influence and persuade them more effectively. This programme will support you if you want to become a better communicator and have a more personal impact.

Course Description

We all want to make an impact when we communicate with other people as we try and influence and persuade them. We do that in three primary ways and this programme is designed to help you develop skills in each of the following three areas:


  1. Verbal impact – How to "make your case" with maximum clarity & persuasion 
  2. Emotional engagement – How to use language and voice to captivate others
  3. Presence and authority – How to use body language to heighten your credibility


CPD Points: 6

Course Category: Virtual Learning Programmes

Can This Course Be ISM Accredited?: Yes

Learning Outcomes
  • Structure their case (or proposition) with logic 
  • Tell a compelling and convincing story
  • Keep things short, sweet and inspiring
  • Employ memorable words and phrases to make a lasting impression
  • Project their voice to hold others’ attention
  • Use posture, movement, gesture and eye contact to radiate ‘gravitas’
The Programme Includes:

Webinar 1 - Making Your Case

  • Aristotle’s three pillars of rhetoric

1. Logos (Meaning)

2. Pathos (Emotional appeal)

3. Ethos (Credibility)

  • Verbal impact - The need for clarity & logic
  • Four Essential Techniques:

1. The Power Of three

2. Three Step Logic (Syllogism)

3. Fact-Advantage-Benefit

4. The SUN Storytelling Model (Self-Us-Now)

Individual Assignment

  • Each participant builds a proposition or business ‘story’ back at their desk. They select an actual work scenario in which they must gain buy-in or support from others in order to succeed.
  • The task is to structure this with three Step Logic, FAB or the SUN model.

Webinar 2 - The Power of Language

  • Interactive session – Participants deliver their business case and receive feedback
  • Discussion – What are the themes?
  • 10 language tips:

1. ‘Towards’ – not ‘Away’

2. Active language

3. Saxon words

4. Three positions (I-You-Us)

5. Visual imagery

6. Sonic effect

7. Metaphor

8. Rhythm

9. Climax

10. Conclusion

  • Gaining ‘yes’ as you go
  • Urging others to act

Individual Assignment

  • Each participant is asked to watch 3 video links.
  • Their task is to notice and record precisely how these masters of communication both talk and move (voice and body). Their findings will be explored at the start of Webinar 3.

Webinar 3 - Developing Personal Presence

  • Interactive session – Participants report back on their video observations and we build a checklist for non-verbal success. Only measurable behaviours will be highlighted & prioritised.
  • Ten Levels of Presence - The concept of ‘status’ (or authority):

1. Prisoner

2. Bashful

3. Giggler

4. Pusher

5. Apologist

6. Careful

7. Striver (Seller)

8. Storyteller

9. Superhero

10. Guru

  • Pitch-Pause-Pace
  • Stillness
  • Finished movement
  • Open gesture
  • Sustained eye contact
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