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Mental Health Awareness – A Virtual Learning Programme

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Who Would Benefit

If you work from home or manage anyone that works from home, then this programme is designed to help you look after the mental health of you and your team whilst working from home in self-isolation.

This programme is for Supervisors and Managers who need to be confident in supporting their team when experiencing mental ill-health and want to be able to spot the signs of the most common mental health issues, particularly when they are working from home in isolation.

Course Description

This virtual learning programme has been developed to help organisations, managers and teams who are facing unprecedented business disruption and who want to support their teams through this challenging time.

This programme of three webinars can be accessed from a laptop, desktop or mobile phone.

The Mental Health Awareness is a series of three webinars supported by individual workstreams and action plans and support documentation including links to mental health online resources.


CPD Points: 6

Course Category: Virtual Learning Programmes

Learning Outcomes
  • Be more confident in supporting employee mental health
  • Spot the warning signs of poor mental health within the team
  • Confidently have empathetic personal conversations
  • Offer the right support, resources and direction early on
  • Intervene when needed, and signpost to the right level of support
The Programme Includes:

Webinar 1 - Team & Managers

  • About Mental Health First Aid
  • Mental health and stress in the workplace
  • Stigma and discrimination
  • Depression
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Other mental health issues (eating disorders, self-harm, psychosis)
  • Early warning signs of mental ill-health
  • Alcohol, drugs and mental health

Individual Assignment

• Each participant to set out daily work, to include actions to stay mentally and emotionally healthy after completing ‘Mental Health Awareness e-learning module

•Managers to consider their team plan for mental health whilst working from home

Webinar 2 - Team & Managers

This webinar is your well-being toolkit that can be used to manage day-to-day mental health. It offers a variety of insights, mini exercises, practical strategies, recommendations and some food for thought so you can use what works for you. It also explains the importance of creating a Well-being Action Plan at work and at home.

Individual Assignment

  • Each participant to set out daily work, including actions/ communication to stay mentally and emotionally healthy.
  • Managers to outline their team plan for mental health whilst working from home

Webinar 3 - Managers

  • Managers to consider how to balance team and individual needs.
  • What we mean by stress and mental health issues and how to identify them in the workplace, including remotely
  • Promoting well-being and the value of a positive approach in the work environment
  • Talking at an early stage, monitoring the well-being of staff and the early steps that can be taken when an employee experiences a mental health problem
  • Adopting a holistic approach to managing an individual an organisational and individual basis
  • Managing contacts in a sensitive but constructive way
  • Returning to work -most people with mental health problems make a successful return to work with effective planning and monitoring of the return to work
  • Managing an ongoing illness
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