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Course Category: Virtual Learning

Emotional Intelligence - A Virtual Learning Programme

New course
Who Would Benefit

Those who want to understand how to develop their communication and interpersonal skills whilst building and improving relationships with colleagues and their team.

Course Description

The main aim of this workshop is to help delegates understand how emotional intelligence offers a means for developing the communication and interpersonal skills needed by a manager to improve relationships with both their colleagues and team.


This course looks at what emotional intelligence is and what it is not. It looks at some models of emotional intelligence and what they mean.


The course explores the ability to recognise emotions, understand what these emotions mean and realise how emotions affect people around them. Ways to develop emotional intelligence will be explored along with techniques to work with emotional intelligence.


CPD Points: 6

Course Category: Virtual Learning Programmes

Learning Outcomes

•Describe Emotional Intelligence – its origins and what it refers to

•Identify the 4 pillars of Emotional Intelligence and how they relate to each other

•Recognise how Emotional Intelligence affects personal and team performance - its relationship to success

•Acknowledge the rich landscape of emotions we experience - and move beyond “positive” and “negative” labels

•Notice and actively respond to our emotions and those of others in a considered way

•Adjust how we work with others according to their preferences and our own 

•Develop success strategies in relation to Emotional Intelligence

The Programme Includes:

Webinar 1 - Introduction to EQ

  • History/Context - Multiple Intelligences
  • What EQ is and is not (e.g. compared to IQ)
  • 4 Pillars of EQ - Self-awareness, Self-management, Social Awareness, Relationship management
  • The “case for” EQ for success at work

Individual Assignment

  • Each participant will watch a short video - Daniel Goleman on Emotional Intelligence 
  • The task is to review the competencies of Emotional Intelligence’s Four Pillars: then:
    1) make a note of those where they feel they could gain the most by developing further,
    2) make a note of what, specifically, would be better/be gained if these were developed

Webinar 2- Recognising Emotions and their Impact

  • Rich emotional landscape - emotional vocabulary beyond “positive/negative” emotions
  • What is an emotion? How do we know we are feeling something?
  • Managing our emotions - self-regulation (including risks of “false positivity” during a crisis)
  • Recognising and working with others’ emotions – empathy

Individual Assignment

  • Each participant will watch 2 short videos - Brene Brown on Empathy and Susan David on False Positive Emotions
  • The task is to write a list of 6 emotions that they commonly feel and identify how it can be helpful to feel and notice each of these emotions.

Webinar 3 - EQ in Practice

  • Intention - Behaviour - Impact
  • Intro to Social Styles - working with others’ preferences and responses according to style
  • Effective listening
  • Reducing the “threat response”
  • Doing one-to-ones and meetings differently
  • Reflection
  • Personal action planning
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