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Course Category: Virtual Learning

Coaching Remotely - A Virtual Learning Programme

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Who Would Benefit

Being a good coach brings huge benefits to both you and to the people that you help develop. Good coaches are able to build the talents of the people in their teams so that they can take on more responsibility and free their time to focus on business excellence. Equally, we all value great coaching that helps us to grow, build our careers and enjoy our work. All managers are not good coaches but all good managers are good coaches.

Course Description

The programme has been designed to help you understand the context of coaching, who, what and when to coach using the GROW model. Our trainer will help you to understand how to ask good coaching questions, build effective coaching relationships and how to focus your coaching activity on the areas that will have the greatest impact on your organisation. The payback from coaching comes very quickly, if not instantly, and this intensive programme will develop your coaching skills to the full.


CPD Points: 6

Course Category: Virtual Learning Programmes

Learning Outcomes
  • Ensure you continue to develop your team's capability whilst working remotely
  • Improve the performance of and provide motivational support to individuals.
  • Maintain contact and connectivity with remote workers.
  • Allow you to respond to the individual development needs of your team, offering a flexible and timely response.
The Programme Includes:

Webinar 1 - The Value of Coaching

  • Defining coaching
  • Improving performance through effective coaching
  • Raising awareness and increasing responsibility in the coachee
  • Coach as expert
  • The skills and qualities of a good coach
  • The coaching continuum

Individual Assignment

  • Complete the coaching questionnaire for discussion in webinar three
  • Identify a work-related scenario you would like to receive coaching on

Webinar 2 - Coaching Using the GROW Model

  • Review the pre-assigned work and delegate observations
  • The use of coaching models to provide a framework for the conversation
  • Using the GROW Model
  • The use of considered, well-structured questions when coaching

Individual Assignment

  • Skills practice – Implementing the GROW model
  • Review de-brief document emailed and critique your personal performance as a coach

Webinar 3 - Getting Ready to Coach

  • Review the output from the skills-based session
  • Introducing Instant Pay-Off coaching
  • The coaching relationship when working remotely
  • Getting ready to coach remotely
  • And finally, we will hold an open question time and field responses to the challenges that individual group members are facing
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