Personal Development Training

Increased self-awareness to complement sales training or leadership and management courses

Maguire offer a range of personal development programs and training courses that are designed to help delegates navigate the path to greater self-awareness, confidence, personal impact and the ability to recognise where they are in their journey towards what renowned psychologist Abraham Maslow called ‘self-actualisation’. Which in simple terms is the state of arriving at that place where you feel you have reached your full potential and are operating to maximum capacity in every aspect of your life. By integrating this learning into your repertoire of skills you will develop a highly tuned sense of self-awareness that may have previously eluded you. All our programs are designed to enhance learning and help develop your career.


Navigate the path to greater self-awareness and confidence



This seems like a daunting task and indeed it is but as Maslow suggested “What is necessary to change a person is to change his awareness of himself”. Our management courses as well as the leadership training we offer is the perfect way to build the right kind of knowledge base and understand the technical skills and theories of leadership and motivation, however within the context of management training or indeed sales training there no doubt that our suite of personal development courses and personality profiling questionnaires and skills analysis tools present many and varied ways of helping you to achieve your personal and professional goals.


All training programmes are available as public open courses or in-house training and development courses or as on-line training. Additionally all Maguire courses attract CPD points and can be accredited.


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