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Course Category: Leadership & Management

Authentic Leadership (A)

Who Would Benefit

This programme represents a new and innovating approach to achieving evidence-based Authentic Leadership.


The learning process will benefit all those in leadership roles who have previously experienced skills based development and now wish to expand their horizon by undertaking a challenge that will take their ability to lead people and teams to success in a way that they never thought possible. 

Course Description



Is purposeful, strategic leadership delivered with confidence and clarity.


Maguire Training is delighted to be able to offer this new and powerful progressive approach to Authentic Leadership Development written and developed by Maguire Consultant Dr Tony Fusco, author of 'AN EVIDENCE-BASED APPROACH TO AUTHENTIC LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT' (Published by Routledge Focus).


This innovative programme is based completely on the research of Dr Tony Fusco and is currently the only evidence-based ALD programme available. It is shown to develop four over-arching key leadership attributes:


CONSCIOUS LEADERSHIP ~ that is deliberate and intentional


CONFIDENT LEADERSHIP ~ that is assertive and assured


COMPETENT LEADERSHIP ~ that is skilled and able


CONGRUENT LEADERSHIP ~ that is clear and consistent


  • CPD Points: 24 (min)
  • Course Category: Management & Leadership
  • Recommended No. of Days: 4 (plus optional coaching days)
  • Course Location: This varies but the environment is usually in central England, non-classroom and conducive to this type of event
  • Course Dates: Programmes are delivered throughout the year, please call us to discuss the best option for you
  • Cost per delegate for Open Courses: £4,995 + vat


Learning Outcomes

Authentic Leadership Group Coaching has been shown to significantly and reliably improve scores on both the validated Authentic Leadership instruments available (ALQ and ALI) but more importantly this powerful group coaching approach to ALD has also been shown to consistently enhance seven key leadership attributes including:


  • Raised self-understanding and self-management
  • Greater understanding of others
  • Flexible and effective interactions with others
  • Enhanced management mindfulness 
  • Expanded leadership capacity and proactivity
  • Heightened leadership confidence and clarity
  • Greater strategic orientation
The Programme Includes:

OUR METHODOLOGY ~ Senior leaders meet with their coaching group one day a month over three months for intense discussion facilitated by the group coach and the programme's creator and developer Dr Tony Fusco, focussing on their past, present and future. The leaders discuss topics relevant to each of these domains such as: how their life experience informs their leadership values, the purpose of their leadership, their growth potential as a leader and the long-term ambitions in their leadership roles. All group members use their insight and experience to offer each member in turn intelligent questions, considered feedback, thoughtful observations and constructive challenge, regarding one another's approach to leadership. The format affords each leader the opportunity to examine and re-assess their approach to leadership, their leadership values and goals, their achievements to date and their leadership goals for the future. 


 The programme is delivered one a day a month over 3 months with a 4th and final day on month 6. the group programme can be supplemented with additional coaching.


WHY GROUP COACHING? ~ To be authentic, it is important for leaders to gain a deep understanding of their own inherent strengths and value. This is not something that can be done by generic training but relies on individual learning. Authentic Leadership then is not something that can be trained into a leader, but is based on personal learning drawn out from them. therefore, the focus of group-coaching is more on individual approaches to leadership, rather than the general principles of leadership. This requirement has led to the development and rigorous evaluation of Authentic Leadership Group Coaching. The research underpinning this approach demonstrates that the learning creates enduring shifts in the leader's understanding and perception of their core leadership self. Such growth and development are essential to genuine authentic leadership. As...



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