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Online & Virtual Learning

CPD accredited transformational learning that you can access anywhere, anytime on any device.




Feel free to browse through our range of online learning modules. If you are looking to improve the performance of your sales teams, your managers then we have a number of essential modules. We also cover marketing, finance, presentations, communication, behaviour skills and health & safety, so there will be a module for you.


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Maguire LRS


Online learning needs to be easy to access and easy to use. With our innovative Learning Record Store you can have the functionality of an LMS without the cost. Our system hosts over 100 interactive video-based modules and allows you to assign and track all learning within your organisation.


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Content for 

your LMS


If you have a Learning Management System then you are likely to have additional learning needs that you simply can’t create content for. All of our 100+ interactive modules can by authored to the required version of SCORM to allow you address specific training needs.


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Whether you want to streamline your Induction training or have a new product that your colleagues need to be aware of, then we can work with you to use a range of media and learning tools to create high-impact online learning modules designed to address the specific needs within your organisation.


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There is a wealth of information available to make your online learning journey easier to navigate. From our latest articles and blogs about the best ways to implement online learning within an organisation to a range of ‘How to’ videos for your learners to use the platform, our resources section provides you with all you need to make online learning work.


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Maguire Training specialises in transformational leadership, management and sales training delivered face-to-face and virtually. 

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