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Course Category: Leadership & Management


Who Would Benefit

For leaders who want an understanding of the role self-expression and self-control and to develop their ability to control their emotions, behaviour and desires, building the ability to appear genuine and engender credibility in others.

Course Description

This workshop is focused on learning more about the ability to select and regulate emotions to enhance authentic situational leadership styles within constantly changing situations.   It will explore emotional triggers and how to handle emotions effectively.


The emotions experienced in change will be reviewed with strategies to manage change effectively and how others can become involved more positively using real examples and current challenges.


Also, covered within the workshop is conflict; how conflict arises and how this can be managed.


  • CPD Points: 6
  • Course Category: Management & Leadership
  • Course Duration:1
  • Course Location: Virtual or classroom based
Learning Outcomes
  • Explain how emotions drive behaviour and how emotions can be managed
  • Recognise ways to express emotion more effectively
  • Define assertive versus aggressive and passive behaviour
  • Identify the emotions experienced through change with ways to manage them effectively
  • Apply communication skills that support emotional independence
The Programme Includes:
  • Welcome & Course Introduction
  • Review personal objectives
  • Self-management / emotional regulation
  • Understanding emotion
  • Emotions and their management
  • Noticing feelings
  • Assertiveness and responsiveness
  • Exploring hot buttons
  • Detachment
  • Personal Action Plan
  • Review Personal Objectives
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