NHS Change Model – shared purpose



The Change Model is a framework for any change programme which is seeking to achieve transformational, sustainable change. The model has eight elements that should be considered when leading change:

These eight elements help to create an environment where change programmes can make a real difference and deliver transformational, sustainable change.


As the change model is a philosophy, not a methodology, it is relevant to numerous change programme settings. The model provides us with an approach which can be tailored to fit unique situations.


Previous experience of change models in health, care and other sectors suggests that they are most helpful when teams take the essence of the approach and make it their own to fit with their context, their priorities and their patients or community.


The eight components are: 



It has been developed with hundreds of senior leaders, clinicians, commissioners, providers and improvement activists who want to get involved in building energy for change across health and care by adopting a systematic and sustainable approach to improving quality of care.


This means no matter whom or wherever you are in health and care, you can use the approach to fit your own context as a way of making sense at every level of the 'how and why' of delivering improvement, to consistently make a bigger difference.


More resources and information on the Change Model can be found on the National archives website.


Source NHS –Improving Quality


Additional resources are available from Maguire Healthcare Training:

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