The twenty-first century employee typically has everything they need to be able to benefit from effective on-line training. Nearly everyone nowadays possesses a smartphone with internet connectivity and a screen sufficiently large to browse the web comfortably. We all use internet-connected desktop or laptop computers either at work or at home, and even web-enabled ?smart televisions? with inbuilt browsers are becoming more commonplace.


This "anytime, anywhere" ability to access online information has seen a marked growth in the use of E-learning as a useful and cost-effective means of developing employees by delivering everything from sales training and management training to courses in workplace health and safety and service provision.


The move away from traditional "bricks and mortar" training rooms to hosted e-learning platforms has enabled the modern business to reap a range of benefits. Using on-line training for employee development can significantly reduce training budgets. The costs of providing a training room, whether on-site or away from the business, hiring qualified trainers, and losing productivity as a result of absenting staff to attend training don?t apply to E-learning. Furthermore, online-training allows for the multiple training courses to be accessed simultaneously and far greater numbers of employees can be trained at once than is possible with traditional physically-located training.


On-line training is beneficial from an employee?s perspective too. E-learning is just as capable of equipping them with the skills and knowledge they need, but it allows them to achieve this at their own pace, whenever they want and in their preferred environment. The limitless flexibility provided by online-training means that time which might otherwise be wasted, such as a train commute to and from the office, can be usefully used for skills development.


Adopting an E-learning platform also provides businesses with many new means of training content delivery such as 'webinars', video training sessions, online tests and exercises and interactive tutorials. The latest E-learning systems are sufficiently sophisticated as to allow employers to monitor development progress on an individual basis, tailor training content precisely to the skills required for a particular role and provide motivation, recognition and reward for training achievements. An E-learning platform also makes it easy for businesses to store and re-use digital training materials over and over again, or to quickly update and re-publish them whenever necessary.


Introduced and used correctly, on-line training can be immensely rewarding both for employers and businesses, resulting in appropriately-skilled and loyal managers, leaders and employees and valuable cost savings.


Maguire Training has developed a sophisticated and comprehensive E-learning platform which delivers all of the benefits mentioned above. Focused on the provision of engaging, relevant and effective training for managers and employees it ably demonstrates why there?s never been a better time for businesses to make the move to on-line training.

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