TNA, Skills & Competency Analysis

Essential analysis tools for all management training courses or sales training

Maguire’s online skills analysis questionnaires will help you with your training needs analysis which will determine the gap between your employee’s current skill or training level in a given area and where you would like them to be, allowing for a more targeted approach to training delivery.


A training needs analysis must always be performed before any training delivery takes place. If you do not have the necessary analysis questionnaires or simply the capacity to perform this function in-house then we would be happy to talk to you about how we can create a bespoke questionnaire specific to your organisation, company or department that will help you to rate your employees against a specific set of skills and help you to identify where training should be targeted.


In the same way we can create a questionnaire using your current competency framework and definitions to rate colleagues against the framework depending on their level in the organisation. If you do not have a competency framework we will work with you to create a tailored product that will represent and reflect the skills and competencies identified as being necessary for success in your organisation.

Excellent leadership skills training and management training is essential to build the necessary skills and knowledge required for success, however the power of a management or sales skills analysis process used to augment quality sales training or business management courses should not be underestimated.


A more targeted approach to training delivery


We use many other tools to supplement learning such as personality profiling questionnaires that can also be used in the process of executive and personal coaching where each part of the jigsaw is used to help to build a picture for success.


All training programmes are available as public open courses or in-house training and development courses or as on-line training. Additionally all Maguire courses attract CPD points.


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