Why use Blended Learning Solutions?


What exactly does blended learning mean? Well it means pretty much what it says on the tin; a means of transferring learning to a student or delegate by differing delivery methodologies.


Conventionally blended learning was a term used to describe a mixture of classroom based learning interventions together with some form of, often independent, learning using a computer or some form of technology such as on line or e-learning videos which the delegate could utilise at their convenience. Although in modern parlance it has come to include any form of learning methodology that seeks to help the delegate learn by being mixing up the way training is delivered. At Maguire Training we are able to offer many forms of training delivery to facilitate learning.


The success of providing blended learning solutions is largely due to the fact that the concept of utilising different forms of training delivery taps into different learning styles; that is to say, not everyone enjoys or is ‘wired’ to learn independently or remotely just using a PC, conversely, it is the preferred method for some.


In our modern or digital existence there is now a generation of people who have been born into a world where smartphones and tablets are their normal and preferred form of communication. Consider this question yourself, when was the last time you actually wrote anything longer than your address in a communication, such as a letter for example? For these people or ‘Digital Natives’ as described by education consultant Marc Prensky in his 2001 article entitled ‘Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants’ learning by interacting digitally will be second nature. Prensky suggested that the rapid rise of digital technology had changed the way children think and process information therefore making it difficult for them to learn effectively using traditional classroom delivery methods.


So it seems using a mix of digital and classroom delivery methods is advantageous for many of us. In education there are many pluses to this as it allows students or delegates who are fast learners to go at their own pace and not be potentially held back by others who are perhaps not as adept in that subject area. In a classroom setting this would be a distinct disadvantage where someone is clearly moving at a quicker pace than those around them. Therefore mixing up how training or leaning in general is delivered can work for many and keep tuition interesting, challenging and fresh.


That said, a reliance on technology for training delivery can be fraught with problems of course, for as we all know, technology is great when it works. So the chances of disruption due to no internet access, corrupt files, no telephone line or apps crashing and hardware faults are much more of an issue than a traditional face-to-face classroom style of delivery.


However, conventional wisdom would now suggest that a blended approach is indeed an effective way to deliver training and facilitate learning and Maguire Training is well equipped as a training partner to help you with blended solutions that include both classroom and digital interventions.


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