Why have a competency framework?


Companies often find themselves in a position where they believe they need a competency framework but are not entirely sure why or what the material benefit would be. If you are going to invest the time in creating a framework then you will need a process for establishing a robust competency framework, which should have two primary objectives; the retention and recruitment of staff. It will also form part of the process for effective succession planning ensuring the right people are in the right positions within the organisation moving forward into the future with greater confidence.


In order to help with this process it would be useful to understand the rationale behind this strategy and to establish what exactly a competency framework is and what it can achieve if administered effectively. Here are some often asked questions:


What are competencies?


Competencies can best be described as a mixture of knowledge, skills and attributes which provide a clear definition of what is needed for an individual to carry out their job role effectively in order to achieve and improve upon key performance objectives.


Why have a competency framework?


A competency framework provides a set of working behaviours, generally aligned with core values that helps to develop the skills of all individuals at all levels and recognises individual contribution, skill and knowledge. The framework is used to provide a set of values, standards and beliefs to work towards setting expectations and allowing for learning and development.


What are the main objectives of the competencies?


Having this in place ensures that the organisation is constantly focussed on ’Aiming for Excellence’ as a general concept and everyone in a management position has a set of clear objectives to work towards. All involved become much clearer about what is expected in order to be successful in their job role and it provides a much more transparent and meaningful ‘Personal Development Plan’ as well as a structured recruitment and promotion protocol.


It will foster a better link between the company’s corporate objectives and personal objectives and allow everyone to work towards shared values. Learning and development is improved as training is directly targeted at those gaps in each individual’s competency set further enhancing personal skills identifying ‘Rising Stars’ and opening up better promotion opportunities.


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