Why a Great Business Blog is great for your Business


As part of your online marketing strategy, implementing a blog is one of the simplest and potentially most effective actions you can take. If you already have your own website or are happy to use one of the many established free blogging sites, a blog needn't cost you anything either.


Used correctly, a blog is powerful in its own right but it is only one of the tools at your disposal which can help you promote your business and attract new customers online. 'Online Marketing ~ The Basics', an informative and invaluable course provided by business skills training specialists Maguire Training, gives company owners, leaders and managers everything they need to successfully implement their own effective online marketing strategy. Covering everything from the development of a website that works to the construction of a customer database and the best ways to use social media networks for promotional purposes, this course is a must for those who wish to compete in the digital age.


Returning to the subject of a business blog, the reasons why this is such a useful marketing strand is that it can serve many purposes. With the correct use of search engine optimisation, i.e. providing quality, meaningful content which is seeded with relevant search keywords and phrases, a blog can help to boost the visibility of your business to potential customers by boosting the ranking of your website in search engine results.


Your blog can also provide a useful platform for gathering the thoughts and opinions of those who read it. By creating blog posts which raise a question or which naturally invite comments, and allowing readers to post their replies you can conduct rudimentary market research free of charge. For example, you might post a blog article which reveals that you are planning a new version of your product and end it by asking 'what features would you like to see in the next version?'


A business blog should not be regarded purely as an advertising space for your products or services. Whilst it can be used to promote your business this should be done subtly and is a secondary function to providing information, advice and news about your business and your industry sector in general. In this way your blog can become a valuable source of knowledge and comment for potential customers, increasing your reputation as a respected authority in your field of business.


If there is one thing that is crucial to the success of a business blog, however, it is maintenance. A good blog needs a constant supply of fresh, informative and quality content to ensure that readers continue to return to your website and new readers join them. A static or seriously out-of-date blog can actually dissuade potential customers.


If the whole concept of internet marketing seems shrouded in mystery, Maguire Training can show you the best and easiest ways in which to get a basic online marketing strategy off the ground. For added convenience delegates can either attend Online Marketing ~ The Basics in a training room environment or benefit from it as online training delivered courtesy of Maguire Training?s versatile mobile and E-learning system.

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