What happens when managers do not properly support staff learning?


Coaching and guidance by the line manager is a fundamental learning activity and it’s worth noting that the CIPD’s Who Learns at Work? survey found that only 21% had received one-to-one coaching from their line manager in the previous year. Without support to apply or consolidate, 60% of learned knowledge and skill stops being applied on the job within 90 days of the end of the learning.


Post Activity De-Brief & Action


Remember the figures given earlier on the impact of failing to apply or consolidate the learning from the development activity? Being able to transfer the learning from the course / project / e-learning / job shadow etc. to the person’s daily role is critical if the time, cost and effort are not to be wasted.  It is important to see the development activity as an investment and as such one from which you are seeking a return.


We need to ensure that any de-brief takes place whilst the learning experience is still fresh.  Managers need to set aside time for a structured conversation. Regular one to one’s will often provide an ideal opportunity.  Consider asking the following questions:


  • How far did the development activity meet the objectives we discussed in our pre-brief?
  • What specifically have you learned / discovered / realised from undertaking the activity?
  • Were there any areas you hoped to cover / gain from your attendance that you did not achieve?
  • In the light of this, what further development do you still feel you require?
  • How will you apply what you have learned?
  • What support will you require from me / colleagues to put his learning into practice?
  • When and how do you feel we should review and measure progress?


Maguire design all development interventions based around the 70 / 20 / 10 principle. Giving delegates time to reflect and apply new ways of working.


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