The 7 Marketing Mistakes You Don't Want to Make


You've got a great business so it's only natural that you want to publicise the fact and let potential customers know just how great you are. In the twenty-first century there are more channels via which to market your business than ever before, but to obtain the greatest benefit it's vital to devise and implement a marketing plan that is tailored specifically to your business and to your target customers.

Maguire Training has significant expertise in the field of marketing and provides courses which equip businesses with the knowledge and understanding needed to maximise the potential of their marketing activities. Implementing Marketing Strategy, for example, takes delegates through the process of creating and implementing an effective marketing plan step-by-step, demonstrating best practices and highlighting the aspects which contribute to marketing success.


However you approach the task of marketing your business, care should be taken to ensure that you're not losing sales due as a result of avoidable errors. Here are what we consider to be the 7 marketing mistakes you don't want to make:


1. Taking a shotgun approach

There's truth in the old adage that you can't please all of the people all of the time, and trying to do so by aiming your business marketing at everyone can be both ineffective and costly. Focus only upon the sector of customers most likely to want your products or services and make your marketing as appealing and persuasive to them as you possibly can.


2. Failing to undertake proper customer research

Knowing exactly which elements of a product or service will influence prospective customers to purchase enables you to build your marketing campaigns around those elements, whether it's price, quality, warranty, aftercare, features or whatever. Fulfilling customer needs and desires is paramount to successful marketing.


3. Not having a unique selling proposition (USP)

What differentiates your product or service from the herd, making it so much better and attractive to buyers than anyone else's The USP of your product should form the backbone of your marketing strategy.


4. Failing to measure the performance of marketing activities

Unless you monitor the performance of every marketing strand you won't be able to tell which are performing the most effectively and which are needlessly costing you time and money.


5. Focusing only on obtaining new business

It's far easier and less expensive to market to your existing customers than it is to capture new business and as such any marketing strategy must be designed to appeal to both audiences. Failing to retain loyal customers by ignoring their needs in favour of attempting to attract new business may significantly damage a company's profitability.


6. Being impatient

Marketing campaigns rarely stimulate overnight success. It's a mistake to assume that a marketing strategy has failed simply because it hasn't resulted in a flood of business within the first 48 hours of implementation. Stay committed, grow and reinforce your campaign overtime and the results will become evident soon enough.


7. Not moving with the times

Do as you always did, and you'll get what you always got. Business evolves quickly these days and a marketing campaign that was successfully received five years ago may no longer be relevant or effective today. Customers are always looking for something that is fresh, new, improved and up-to-date and your marketing strategy should reflect these qualities.


Maguire Training can provide the skills knowledge and strategies you require to ensure that your business marketing campaigns have the edge over your competitors?. Thanks to Maguire Training's versatile and easy to use E-learning platform, a range of invaluable marketing courses, including Implementing Marketing Strategy, are available as online training modules which can be accessed via the internet whenever and wherever delegates find it most convenient to learn.

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