I was fortunate to recently attend the conference -Leaders in Healthcare 2016 which took FMLM’s three successful national conferences on medical leadership to the next level. Produced by FMLM and BMJ in partnership with NHS England, the event was for doctors, nurses, all healthcare professionals and managers involved in delivering and managing care, held at the fabulous Liverpool Echo Arena.


Five years forward - the challenges and opportunities for UK healthcare




Professor Sir Bruce Keogh

Dr Jennifer Dixon

Dr Catherine Calderwood

Dr Chris Jones

Professor Dame Sue Bailey


The conference opened with a thought provoking yet positive session which outlines how the NHS is facing unprecedented change in its 68 year history. Financial pressures, workforce disenchantment and growing demands on how, when and where care is delivered are straining an already stretched system. But with adversity many also believe there lies opportunity for a more innovative, effective and patient focused health system.


In the second session of the day the question asked by Dr Mark Britnell Chairman and Partner, Global Health Practice KPMG.


  “The trillion dollar quest: how the world’s best healthcare organisations develop managers and leaders”


Health systems the world over complain about a lack of good management and leadership, but what do we really know about how to address this gap? Following a year-long global study of the strategies and approaches used by some of the most innovative and successful healthcare organizations, Mark will shared his conclusions and case studies of what really works. Looking at payers and providers, both large and small, he outlined the design principles of effective management development programmes, new initiatives being spread across the globe and what evidence there really is for organisations seeing a return from their efforts.


My favourite quote from the day was from Mark Britnell:


“The future is collaboration and integration, not competition and fragmentation”


 Enhancing your leadership


In a highly interactive and practical session led by Dr Jenny King and supported by coaches from the FMLM coaching network, this session showcased the best that coaching has to offer to doctors at all stages of their career.


Learning how coaching can enhance your development in a wide variety of ways.


Demonstrating how coaching can be an enriching and enlightening experience that is easily accessible. Starting with a short introduction from Jenny King, mapping out the definition and purpose of coaching and the range of coaching approaches, the session gave delegates an opportunity to circulate round a “world café” style series of table discussions, each led by one of FMLM’s coaches.


These lively, thought-provoking and above all practical, gave a specific model or tool to take away and use in your development or with others. For more information on building your leadership skills visit:


There was a variety of discussions which covered the following topics:


  • Developing resilience
  • Managing transitions
  • Handling conflict and challenging conversations
  • Leadership values
  • Managing your time
  • Managing your career
  • Coaching for teams and whole organisations


The session was followed by the opportunity to experience a taster of personal coaching through our speed coaching sessions –great fun. If you are interesting in exploring ways to further enhance your coaching skills visit:


3 inspiring days, 100 speakers, 800 attendees and over 6500 tweets


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