How to Effectively Manage Work Place Stress and Pressure


When people complain of stress, work is a commonly brought up subject. Many of us complain about work related stresses and pressures and in the modern world of work, such hazards can feel gargantuan and negatively impact upon both our health and wellbeing. Maguire's highly heralded 'Managing Pressure and Stress at Work' course helps to highlight the causes of such dilemmas whilst also implementing strategies to reduce the impact and transform work into a productive more positive environment.


  • Getting the home/life balance right

    A large proportion of our stress builds when our work/life balance is out of whack. We've had to work late for the third night in a row, we've had to cancel date night or we haven't been able to watch our child's school play because we've been too busy. Naturally, losing out on all of these precious moments can cause a lot of stress. Oftentimes, the balance can be readdressed simply by talking through concerns with a supervisor or manager who will be more than happy to implement strategies to rectify such matters. The work/life balance is a common priority for many businesses nowadays so speaking up when you begin to feel unbalanced is essential.

  • Understanding the ramifications of stress

    Often at work, people may feel stressed, either by work itself or by outside factors, and allow their stress to build up internally. By understanding the consequences of unchecked stress, delegates can understand just why it is so essential to identify outlets for negative emotions whether it is exercise, journaling or talking through concerns with a loved one. Such ramifications might be health and safety or legal implications.

  • Identifying common causes

    Anything can be a stressor. One persons stress may be another person's challenge! Common stressors might include feeling overworked, lack of acknowledgement, poor working conditions, poor relationships with colleagues or a skewed work/life balance. Learning to identify and manage these triggers early on is essential to prevent emotions and thoughts escalating beyond control.

  • Learn how to support a stressed team

    Whether its day to day stress or stress related to a recent change at work, learning as managers to support a stressed team is an essential aspect of a manager's role. Depending on the size of your team, creating a hospitable, welcoming and communicative environment whereby team members can freely voice concerns and support one another established a secure network to unveil concerns.

  • Help workers become more self aware

    Stress isn't always related to work. Sometimes it can be exacerbated by external factors. Helping workers to identify their soft spots, pressure gauges and tolerance levels is a great way to teach them self-awareness. Being able to step forward and say, 'I can't cope right now' takes a lot of bravery and courage but is an important dialogue to open to ensure that stress doesn't turn into an uncontained monster. As a recognised health and safety concern, stress can be responsible for virtually every ailment from depression to tension headaches and bad backs. Learning to nip it in the bud early on is a highly valuable skill for every business.
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