Do you take responsibility for your miserable attitude?


In our experience, when asked to score out of 10 (with 10 being high), people generally give their positivity 6 out of 10.  


The vast majority of people that we work with have some degree of negativity and tend to be unconsciously negative, often in denial of it, and unaware of how much we let the negativity of others affect our mood. 

Last week, I witnessed a whole team of fitness instructors at the gym I attend with sour faces exuding lots of negativity in what should be a motivated environment where people strive to achieve their goals .

None of them seemed to be aware of the impact they were having on each other or their customers.  If just one of them had decided to enjoy their jobs, I know that the rest would have followed suit – and their customers would have had a much more enjoyable and positive experience.

What makes it so hard for us to be conscious of generating happiness at work and for others?


  1. 1. Most of us forget.
    We give our power away, take things personally or are resentful.
    3. We fall into a rut.
    4. We forget that each day, each hour, can be a fresh start in our experience of happiness. 
    5. We totally ignore this responsibility. 


Happiness is contagious –go on make a start and step up to the plate!


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