Change is the New Norm


Change impacts on our lives as never before and things are changing at a faster pace. Interestingly, Amazon lists more than 12,000 books on the topic of change management which is a pretty good indicator that change has an impact on all of us.


Whether we are constantly dealing with new technologies, a reallocation of budgets, new product lines being launched, changes in the economy or staffing changes,, every day someone is trying to figure out how to manage change successfully.


At work, an important element of handling any change in circumstance has to be the mind-set we apply to the situation especially if you are operating in a highly demanding environment. Maguire Training deliver courses that are designed to help delegates through this process. There is one called Developing Resilience in the Workplace which helps delegates develop the ability to promote a resilient attitude within other’s which is recognised as a key attribute of any good manager / leader.


Another course from Maguire Training called Managing Yourself and Your Team Through Change can really test a manager on a personal level and in their ability to provide clear direction, set SMART objectives and provide a constant stream of communication that is designed to provide reassurance and help keep individuals motivated and focused.


The people management and leadership programmes that Maguire Training have delivered over the last ten years have always included change as a key topic. Too many managers view managing change negatively and are not prepared to embrace the challenge which can result in the process being more painful than it needs to be. Allowing managers to firstly understand their own reactions to change is a crucial development moment and will directly impact on how they lead others through uncertainty. Viewing change as the norm is not as simple as it sounds but applying a positive and resilient mind-set will only help during implementation.

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