Build a Rocket boys!



Sometimes you get lucky – you convince others that an idea has merit and they back you to deliver it.


This happened to me about a year ago. Our e-learning platform was getting fantastic feedback from our clients, but I was drawn to the enhanced capability of Tin Can API (xAPI) compared to the restrictiveness of SCORM. Suddenly digital learning didn’t have to be in a certain format – the possibilities became boundless again.


I had a vision – a platform where not only could our own content be more interactive and constantly evolving, but also somewhere that clients could create their own content and host it. Also, for it to be a truly beneficial learning tool, it needed to also allow users to record all of their learning activity – both offline and online and allow for easy reporting on this.


So the wish list grew:


  • More Interactive modules
  • Complete compliance with Tin Can API
  • Ability for learners to record all of their learning activity
  • A customisable tool for creating assessments to identify where people needed development
  • A really easy to use platform
  • Full reporting on all aspects
  • Somewhere to host self-created content
  • The ability to re-brand the platform so it could look like it belonged to the client
  • An online tool without the cost and hassle of an LMS


My colleagues bought into my vision and the task of making it a reality soon became mine. We had to engage the web team and make them see what we wanted to create.


“Build a rocket boys” just like the Elbow lyric (and subsequent album name) I felt like we had started with a blank sheet of paper and were trying to design something amazing, like putting a man on the moon.


Like any project, it took time, evolved as we went along and, as the concept became a reality, new aspects were identified and added to make it even better. We tested and modified, modified and tested until we were ready to launch.


The rocket launched at the start of the year and our existing clients were the first passengers on board. Their feedback has been very positive and they are all excited to be on the journey with us. They all have different challenges and requirements, but the platform has the flexibility to cater for all passengers.


There still are some seats available on the rocket and still an on-going commitment to continually develop it. We may be on the journey but we have the ability to make extra pickups and, like any good mission, the tools are packed for modifications.


So if you are looking for an online platform that can allow you to identify, deliver and record learning in a convenient and cost-effective way then Test flights can be arranged, allowing you to see what this rocket is capable of. To arrange yours then get in touch – or call 01623 810505.


Chief Commander Andy Stopps

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