In-House Sales Training

Core content and materials tailored to address your specific needs

The many benefits provided by electing for in-house sales training, as opposed to public open courses, often result in training companies like Maguire to deliver far more of these types of sales training courses.


Maguire sales training courses are guaranteed to get results… Why? Of all employees sales people are the ones for whom performance is the easiest to measure and the most measured. Yet in virtually every sales team we work with we find three types of sales people:

  • Under-performers who are falling short of where they need to be
  • Over-performers who, whilst exceeding targets, are not achieving their full potential
  • The ‘middle-majority’ of steady target achievers who are capable of so much more

In our sales and personal development courses we challenge each of these scenarios compelling those who attend to provide measurable evidence of the road travelled.


Whilst public courses provide a real and tangible benefit they don’t allow the same degree of intimacy of subject matter, working environment and company/industry context for the delegate group that in-house sales and marketing courses do.


If you have a specific sales training function within your organisation then bringing them together and delivering the same messages at the same time to whole group can have very measurable benefits.

Often your needs will be specific to your team or a department or even a division and a tailored or fully bespoke in-house professional selling skills course will allow us to drill down into the nuts and bolts of the critical success factors that need to be addressed resulting in:

  • Departmental or organisational targeted content
  • Greater understanding of personal and company goals
  • Employees/delegates receive consistent and timely messages
  • Key performance factors are easily measured and monitored

Maguire Sales training courses are guaranteed to get results


An initial meeting with one of our specialists in sales training will help to reveal the key areas and topics that may need attention. You may already know the answer to some of this, or at least are able to recognise the symptoms of poor performance, through internal research and if not, then we can work with you to unearth areas of concern and help to develop an approach for you that will remedy the situation in a fully measurable way.


All training programmes are available as public open courses or in-house training and development courses or as on-line training. Additionally all Maguire courses attract CPD points.