Executive Coaching & Personal Coaching

The perfect complement to leadership training and management training courses

The modern business world is making demands on your people in a way that has never been experienced before. The world is changing at a rapid rate and sometimes just keeping up seems daunting but our organisational leaders and business managers are expected to not only ride the wave of change but to stimulate and drive it too. This takes that little bit more than simply good leadership or management skills.


This is where we are able to help individuals on a very personal level with executive or personal coaching. Firstly we must recognise that excellent leadership skills training and management training is essential to build the necessary skills and knowledge required for success, however the power of a personal intervention should not be underestimated.


Innovative teaching methods that will challenge and excite


Let’s draw a distinction between the two specific areas; executive coaching or business coaching is primarily aimed at those with organisational responsibility and affords those at the tip of the iceberg the opportunity to discuss, share, play ‘Devil’s Advocate’ with their own thoughts, strategic plans, business goals and ideas in a safe and confidential environment.

 There’s no doubt that the higher up the organisation an executive travels the more that person is in need of a sounding board who is skilled, shrewd, experienced and whose integrity is beyond reproach.


Personal coaching or life skills coaching, affords that person an opportunity to grow as an individual. It requires a more objective style to help that person become more self-aware and examine the very essence of what them who they are and how they can grow and develop their knowledge, skills and attitude to realise their full potential. This is not limited to those in a managerial role but many sales people use personal coaching to build self-confidence to augment the effect and value of good quality sales training.


There are many tools such as personality profiling questionnaires that can be used in the process of executive and personal coaching as well as skills analysis and competency frameworks, where each part of the jigsaw helps to build a picture for success.


All training programmes are available as public open courses or in-house training and development courses or as on-line training. Additionally, all Maguire courses attract CPD points.


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