Key Features of the Maguire LRS

At a glance guide to our Learning Record Store solution

E-learning and learning management in general is changing. No longer do you need to have an expensive Learning Management System (LMS) within your organisation in order to deliver appropriate and engaging e-Learning and record its usage. New technology in the form of a Learning Record Store (LRS) exists to make it possible for you to benefit from digital learning and what’s more you can simply use ours! The team at Maguire Training can take the hassle out of this for you – just let us do it for you.

By hosting your learners on our LRS we can provide all of them with the means to access over 100 modules of e-Learning and full tracking and reporting. As the Training Manager it puts you in control of who can access what learning and tailor this to meet each individual’s training requirements. It also allows you to retain control over budget and ensure that the modules you allocate are completed.


The LRS will track all e-Learning activity but it is also a tool that allows you to record and report on all learning activity, be it formal qualifications, job skills, 


external workshops or coaching. Your learners can take control of their learning records and you can quickly and easily see who has done what and any skill gaps that may arise.


Your learners can take control of their learning records.


Using the technology of xAPI (also known as Tin Can API), our platform allows learners to undertake e-Learning from a variety of sources and for the activity to be completed on the LRS. It also allows you to create and host e-Learning that may be specific to your organisation.

Our goal is to make learning technology easy to use and be a crucial part to your learning delivery. By embracing the benefits of our LRS as though it were your own, you too, can implement online learning in your organisation.

Maguire LRS

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