Women in Leadership

Creating smart, empowered and inspirational women leaders.

The truth is that, even today, there are not nearly enough women in leadership positions as there should be. 


Women are exceptional leaders. We need more of them and we need them now. 


Our innovative Women in Leadership programme is designed and led by high-achieving women to help support and develop ambitious and talented women to who want to break through into Boardroom and Senior Management positions.


It takes resilience, exceptional talent and ambition to succeed. Women have all of this.


Our Women in Leadership programme can be run as a series of virtual or classroom events and is led by an inspirational group of women with expertise and experience in abundance. 

Women in Leadership Programme:


Workshop #1: Women in Leadership

Where do we want to be and how will we get there?



Workshop #2: Personal Impact

Build a personal style, reputation and find an authentic voice.



Workshop #3: Managing your Career

Setting out a career plan and achieving your goals.



Workshop #4: Understanding and Navigating Bias

Navigating conscious and unconscious bias.



Workshop #5: Managing the 'work-life-family' balance

Building mental health awareness and self-compassion.



Workshop #6: Paying it Forward

Create a culture of defining best practice and ‘Pay it Forward ’



Call us to discuss this programme on 0333 5777 144. 

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