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Course Category: Leadership & Management

Objective Setting

Who Would Benefit

Managers at all levels will benefit from this course as agreeing, setting and delivering on personal and professional objectives is an essential part of the job role. 

Course Description

This course is designed for managers who are working within the defined structures of a performance management environment to deliver the requirements of the business plan. All managers will have agreed personal and professional objectives on a strategic level and this course is designed to help them to achieve them and in turn work with their teams to set, agree, monitor and deliver their objectives which are aligned to the company’s strategic business plan.


  • CPD Points: 6
  • Course Category: Management & Leadership
  • Course Duration: 1
  • Course Location: Virtual or classroom based
Learning Outcomes
  • Demonstrate key aspects of setting objectives
  • Show how to assess performance
  • Explain motivation theories
  • Show hwo to influence others to success
  • Deal with realignment of objectives efficiently
The Programme Includes:
  • Defining effective performance management
  • Objective setting in practise
  • Why do we need to set objectives?
  • The consequences of not setting meaningful objectives
  • Key characteristics of each objective
  • Key Performance Indicator’s - KPI’s
  • Is your objective SMART?
  • Formalising the objective in writing
  • Gaining agreement
  • Creating buy-in, ownership and responsibility
  • Individual involvement in realistic objective setting
  • Influencing others positively
  • Motivational others to achieve
  • Assessing and measuring good / poor performance
  • Measuring progress
  • Giving and receiving feedback
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