Training for Non Clinical Staff

The purpose of this document is to outline Non-clinical training in the NHS and:

  • Briefly outline the responsibilities of NHS organisations from April 2013.
  • Act as a signposting document for primary care staff and practices, in addition to the existing safeguarding training opportunities offered by CCGs

All CQC registered providers of NHS commissioned services, including primary care, are responsible and accountable for the training of non-clinical staff in both adult and children’s safeguarding.

Safeguarding Landscape in the NHS

The Health and Social Care Act created a number of new organisations within the NHS and as part of outlining responsibilities NHS England published the Safeguarding Vulnerable People in the Reformed NHS - Accountability and Assurance Framework in March 2013. This document outlines the responsibilities of the various parts of the NHS in relation to Safeguarding. It should be noted that with the development of new organisations both in the NHS and local government, guidance is complex and will be developed further during practical implementation. The headlines below are taken from that document.

What to do next