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Course Category: Healthcare

Chaperone Training within General Practice

Who Would Benefit

Chaperone training is suitable for administrative support staff in general medical practice and will offer both guidance and information on the role and the required skills to carry out the role effectively.

Course Description

Chaperone training within general medial practice gives participants the opportunity to learn and practice the necessary skills to act competently and confidently as a chaperone. This half day session has been designed to support the needs of staff working in primary care who may be considering becoming a chaperone or who are currently undertaking this role. Chaperone training within general medical practice is also an opportunity to adhere to best practise and ensure that you are being fully compliance reducing risk to patients and staff. Chaperoning in general practice is essential regardless of the gender of the patient or indeed the examiner. There is always a vulnerability for all clinical staff during an examination or consultation and all measures must be taken to ensure the risk is minimalised through chaperoning in general practice. Therefore it is considered necessary to ensure a chaperone is available whenever the patient demands there be one or due diligence is being followed and adhering to acceptable best practice in considered the best way forward.


  • CPD Points: 3
  • Course Category: Healthcare
  • Recommended No. of Days: ½ day
  • Course Location: To be determined by Client


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Learning Outcomes
  • Explain what the term chaperone means
  • Understand the role and the daily responsibilities of a chaperone
  • Describe an ‘Intimate examination’
  • Identify when a chaperone is required
  • Understands the rights and needs of patients
  • Explain the importance of confidentiality
The Programme Includes:
  • Review personal objectives
  • The roles and responsibilities of a chaperone
  • When is a chaperone required
  • What is an Intimate Examination and the role of the chaperone
  • The patients’ needs and concerns
  • Confidentiality and consent
  • Potential issues around religion, ethnicity, culture, children
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Clear communication and record keeping
  • Responsibilities of the organisation
  • Raising concerns
  • Checklist and review
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