Why letting go is good - how to reap the benefits of delegation


Leaders and managers, especially those who have recently been appointed to the role, often feel as though they have to be personally in control of every task and project that falls within their remit. Yet the simple truth is that no-one is capable of doing everything. The art of delegation is an essential skill if managers are to successfully focus upon the tasks they perform best and avoid becoming overwhelmed with work that could be effectively carried out by someone else.


Business skills training experts Maguire Training fully understand that some businesspeople find it difficult to 'let go' of tasks for a variety of reasons, but their excellent course The 'Art' of Delegation & Empowerment gives delegates the knowledge and strategies they need in order to know when and how to delegate effectively.


Delegation can be hugely beneficial to a leader or manager, not least because it can remove tasks of lesser importance from the workload, freeing up time that can be devoted to more important or pressing business.


Here, Maguire Training explores some of the reasons why letting go is good and how, as a manager or team leader, you can reap the benefits of delegating to others.



The benefits of delegation


Besides lightening a manager's workload, there are several benefits that can be gained from delegating tasks. Firstly, delegation can play an important role in the empowerment and development of staff. Ideally a manager should delegate a task to the employee who is best suited to complete it successfully, but the task should also stretch the recipient?s capabilities. Entrusting staff with tasks invests them with greater responsibility can make them feel that you value them and help to strengthen interpersonal relationships.


Secondly, delegation can also be profitable for your business. As a manager there is little point in wasting your effort on completing tasks that do not result in financial gain for your business and particularly when these can be performed equally well by someone else whilst you concentrate on the work that brings in revenue.


Thirdly, the ability to delegate effectively recognised as a highly desirable attribute in a leader or manager, marking them out as someone unafraid to share responsibility in order to get the job done.


Four tips for successful delegation


1. Identify the tasks that you can delegate
Anything that your team can accomplish at least as well as you could, if not better, can be delegated. Delegate items that detract from your overall effectiveness because they are non-profitable, too time consuming or not fully aligned with your skillset.


2. Assign tasks to the appropriate recipient
For the greatest chance of success, a task should be assigned to the employee not only best equipped with the knowledge and skills to complete it satisfactorily but who also has an interest in, or enjoys, doing this kind of work.


3. Trust in the judgement of others
Having delegated a task to others, empower them to make their own decisions as to how the task should best be completed. Letting go, transferring ownership to others and demonstrating trust in their abilities can provide the confidence and motivation that recipients need to perform well.


4. Avoid the temptation to over-delegate
Delegation is not about ?dumping? every task in order to make life easier for yourself. It must be recognised that there are some tasks which only you are best equipped to deal with and which cannot be delegated at any cost.


Every business leader and manager can benefit from becoming an effective delegator, and Maguire Training provides everything a delegate needs in order to acquire this valuable skill. For leaders and managers unable to leave the workplace to attend training, The 'Art' of Delegation & Empowerment is helpfully available as an online training course, delivered courtesy of Maguire Training?s innovative and easy to use E-learning platform.

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