How to Deliver the Perfect Presentation


Did you know that one of the most common phobias worldwide is the fear of public speaking? Yes, we're more likely to want to jump out of a plane than to stand in front of our peers to deliver a presentation! This cutting edge course from Maguire teaches delegates Essential Presentation Skills to boost confidence, competence, and also enables workers to enthuse their presentations with charisma and personality, qualities which are often stifled under nerves. Worth 12 CPD points, students also learn how to persuade and win over audience members effectively.


Understand the fear behind presentation nerves

For delegates who experience fear and anxiety prior to delivering a presentation, it's important to understand the origin of the fear. Oftentimes it may be a self-consciousness issue. Perhaps we are acutely aware of the sound of our own voice or the way that we look or what others are thinking of us. Perhaps we are unfamiliar with our presentation material. The reasons for presentation nerves are numerous but by understanding your own reasons for discomfort, you can work to combat such feelings and instead evoke a sense of confidence, passion and energy when you present.


Develop a personal style

Nerves choke any sense of personality that might otherwise permeate your speech. Think of the presenter who constantly has their eyes cast down on their notes or who rushes through their words to avoid having to make eye contact with their peers. By learning to slow down and even enjoy your material, delegates can project a sense of charm, warmth, personality, humour - indeed, any quality they desire which is especially useful for projects that involve persuasion or delivering information.


Utilising body language

Body language is a sacred skill. Thinking about how we hold ourselves, our stance, what we do with our hands, how much eye contact we're making and how we speak is important. Sometimes, simply by changing our body language we can open ourselves up and feel better. Body language can also be a case of faking it until you make it. By projecting an image of confidence, we make room to begin to feel what confidence feels like!


Preparation and structure

The best presenters know their presentation inside and out but still know to deliver a little off the cuff spontaneity. Familiarising yourself with your material, learning to deliver it in different ways and learning how to ad-lib as you become more comfortable with your talk are all essential skills to learn.


Focusing on your physical delivery

It doesn't matter if your presentation is 5 minutes long or 1 hour; the physical delivery matters. Learning how to hold yourself, breath appropriately, utilise visual aids and props when applicable and simply feel comfortable during the experience is important. Using powerful words, succinct phrases, understanding the importance of timing and writing and delivering a striking opening are integral skills to accumulate to further your professional career.


Presentations are important in the world of work and can be a lot of fun. Maguire's 'Presentation Skills' course helps people develop the confidence to craft a well constructed and timely delivered presentation full of self-assurance, creativity and flair. Ideally suited to classroom candidates and those who wish to learn online for convenience, this course is useful for all developing professionals or veterans who wish to further hone their skill set.

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