Maguire Training Reveals the Formula for Creating a Perfect Team

As Maguire Training's extensive range of courses demonstrates, knowing how teams are formed, why they succeed and fail and understanding team roles and behaviour are essential skills for managers and leaders at every level of business.


Let's suppose, though, that as a new manager or leader you've been given free rein to form a team from scratch. How would you go about it? Some teams naturally gel and perform better than others from the word go. It's undeniable that developing the skills, knowledge and interaction of a team through appropriate training and coaching is vital to success, but this can only happen once the team has been established.


However, research has shown that, even before training, the most successful and best performing teams in businesses around the world consistently share several fundamental characteristics. Combined, these characteristics seem to constitute a winning formula for creating the perfect team. Here, Maguire Training shares that formula with you.


The first important factor to team success is its size. As a team increases in number its ability to focus upon a common goal and share responsibility and accountability for achieving that goal appears to diminish. Consequently, optimally-performing teams have been shown to possess ten or fewer members. 


The perfect team not only shares a common goal, but each member knows exactly how their own tasks and those of their team mates contribute to reaching that goal. Together they form a unit that has an agreed understanding and strategy for achieving that goal that remains intact and effective even in the face of changing circumstances. 


Each member of the perfect team has their own individual objectives that contribute to the common goal. These objectives are allocated according to individual strengths and abilities in such a way that each team member feels sufficiently comfortable, capable, empowered and motivated to complete them. In order for this to work, the perfect team will possess the optimum mix of complementary skill-sets which should include people skills, technical skills, problem-solving and decision-making. 


Lastly, the members of high-performing teams share equal responsibility for overall success or failure, helping, motivating and relying upon each other as and when required and ably demonstrating the old adage that 'there is 'no 'I' in team'.


Whilst these characteristics have been identified as common to the world's best performing teams they are only the building blocks upon which greatness can be built. Maguire Training provides a comprehensive range of team-related courses. Available both as classroom-based and online training, these invaluable courses are designed to show managers and leaders why teams succeed or fail and to understand and develop their teams in order to maximise their potential, productivity and effectiveness.

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