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Blog... The Importance of Good Problem Solving Skills
Most people would agree that anyone in a leadership and management role should have competent problem solving skills. But what does that mean and how do we acquire them? Every day managers are faced with making a multitude of decisions. Some will require prolonged thought, research and a deep level of scrutiny before a decision can be arrived at and others will be far less onerous to arrive at a suitable conclusion. Also some decisions just make themselves, for example, no one has to be told to go down a fire escape when the flames are licking at your coat tails behind you.
Blog... Who is the most important person in the learning process? Trainer or learner?
Trainer or learner? Teacher or pupil? Coach or coached? Mentor or mentored? It’s probably true to say that you don’t have to have decades of educational experience to immediately know that the answer to that question may be obvious and for two very good reasons:
Blog... Training – Is it really worth it?
Can you eat with a knife and fork without embarrassing yourself? Probably (hopefully!)…and more than likely your parents taught you how to do that. That was you being trained to become competent with a key skill at an early age – training works, we know that and education is rightfully a top priority for us all. But is training always worth it?
Blog... Change is the New Norm
Change impacts on our lives as never before and things are changing at a faster pace. Interestingly, Amazon lists more than 12,000 books on the topic of change management which is a pretty good indicator that change has an impact on all of us.
Blog... Moving from Colleague to Manager
Moving from Colleague to Manager It sounds great doesn’t it, your boss asks to meet with you and declares that you are to be offered the job of supervising or managing the team that you are currently a member of. It would then be very easy to get immediately lost in the excitement and anticipation about the prospect of greater responsibility, exciting challenges and (usually) more money, without giving too much serious thought as to exactly what happens next and the implications of such a seismic change in your daily working life.
Blog... Strategies for Surviving an Autocratic boss
An autocratic leader can cause issues to staff morale and ultimately affect the outputs of employees within an organisation. A manager who is seen as ruthless and driven may demand (and get) results and this has been evidenced by a whole range of leaders historically, but in the modern workplace this type of leadership can have a negative effect.
Blog... Emotional and Social Intelligence at Work
To be truly effective within a work context, a person has to learn how to interact with others, and how to negotiate their way through life’s events and experiences. These are the realms of social and emotional intelligence.
Blog... Leaders in Healthcare 2016 Review
I was fortunate to recently attend the conference -Leaders in Healthcare 2016 which took FMLM’s three successful national conferences on medical leadership to the next level. Produced by FMLM and BMJ in partnership with NHS England, the event was for doctors, nurses, all healthcare professionals and managers involved in delivering and managing care, held at the fabulous Liverpool Echo Arena.
Blog... Why do we have an unconscious bias?
Your background, personal experiences, societal stereotypes and cultural context can have an impact on your decisions and actions without you realising.
Blog... Mythbusting - Innovation & Creativity
One of the most powerful words in our language is ‘new’ and advertising and marketing agencies know this only too well. That’s why we have stripes in our toothpaste and little red ‘power’ balls in our dishwasher tablets – they are versions of what we had before but because they are new they are ‘better’ too.
Blog... Certification of Eligibility for Specialist Registration (CESR)
The Certificate of Eligibility for Specialist Registration is a route to entry onto the Specialist Register for those doctors who have not followed an approved training programme. It was previously known as article 14.
Blog... Can we learn lessons in leadership and teamwork from fiction?
Can we learn lessons in leadership and teamwork from fiction?
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